04 avril, 2006

Top 10 Pet Shop Boys

A quelques semaines maintenant de la sortie de leur nouvel album, petite hitlist double en ce qui concerne les Pet Shop Boys, toujours mon groupe préféré de tous les temps.

Top 10 songs & production (random order) :
Your Funny Uncle
Being Boring
I Can't Say Goodnight
Hey Headmaster
I'm Not Scared (Introspective Version)
Something Special
Jack The Lad
Young Offender

Top 10 remixes (random order) :
So Hard (KLF vs PSB)
Young Offender (Jam & Spoon Trip-o-matic Fairy Tale Mix)
Yesterday When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix)
Miserablism (Moby Electro Mix)
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More (Morales Mix)
New York City Boy (Morales Mix)
Paninaro 95 (Angel Moraes Dance Mix)
Home And Dry (Ambient Mix)
West End Girls (Dance Mix)
A Red Letter Day (PSB Extended Mix)

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